Welcome to this pitiful NoFault website, showing off my pathetic artistic talents! Eh eh.


NoFault is a library (well, in fact it's just a header file) written in ANSI C that encrypts data by using XOR with every byte of that data and every byte of a username and a password, or every byte of a "keyfile" (an external file on your computer that serves as a key).

The data encrypted can be some plain text (a char array, a string) or a whole file.


In order to make life easier for all you non-coders out there, I made 3 programs that use NoFault:


- KNoFault (Interface for KDE/Linux)

- NoFault32 (Interface for Windows)

- CLNoFault (Interface for console, Linux or Windows)


NoFault32 Screenshots



KNoFault Screenshots


Download KNoFault 1.6 manual (PDF)
Download NoFault32 1.6 manual (PDF)

Download KNoFault 1.6
Download NoFault32 1.6
Download CLNoFault 1.6
Download NoFault Header File 1.6

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